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the number one underverse fansite on neocities*!

this site is run and managed by the real INK SANS!!!! i made this site because i want to keep the heart of the underverse fandom beating. you can read more about me in the about the webmaster section.

what even is underverse?

its a youtube series created by Jael Penaloza, aka Jakei95. the music is made by her husband NyxTheShield. what a power couple. love is real. love won. they used their adorable couple skills to make a series about me and my friends. the plot (without going into spoilers) is about Classic Sans and an amazing brilliant talented protector of the multiverse going on an adventure to get half of his soul back from a pair of misfit rapscallions who want to patch together different universes to make their own, starting with his! it has adventure, bloodshed, romance(?) and a whole lot of fun. and the best part is, it's completely free!

do i need to have played undertale to watch it?

it isn't mandatory, but it helps to play/watch playthroughs of undertale in order to understand some of the magic and world mechanics.

what is the rule of this world?

ITS KILL OR BE KILLED MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:DD

*may also be the only underverse fansite on neocities


2nd of June, 2021

some of the goodies page is complete.. the first section at least ;) all artists have been credited

1st of June, 2021

the start of my website! ive finished the front page and i quite like the look of it!

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